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Herbs | Tomatoes | Winter Vegetables| Sunday Jan 24th, 2021

Howdy folks, we will have winter vegetables, herbs, and tomatoes and peppers this weekend. The tomatoes and peppers need to be protected from the cold, but it’s a great time to get some and start making a plan for February planting!

Plants Available

Tomatoes and Peppers ($4/plant)

Sweet 100 Tomato

A small very sweet cherry hybrid tomato that can be prolific.  Great variety for the Houston area.  Will grow in a pot.

Striped German Tomato

A medium to large sized yellow tomato with a marbled interior.  Great sliced with fresh basil on top.

Black Cherry Tomato

Grape sized purple/brown tomatoes with a rich flavor.  Good yield

El Jefe Pepper

Large jalapeno that brings early season spicy peppers.  A great hybrid that will grow in a pot.

Baron Pepper

Large poblano semi-sweet peppers are delicious and easy to stuff.  This hybrid will grow in a pot.

Herbs ($3/plant)





Vegetables ($2/plant)

Mustard Greens – Green Wave

Collards – Georgia Southern Giant

Brocolli, Green magic

Brocolli Raab

Graffiti Cauliflower (Purple)

Early Jersey Cabbage

Veronica Cauliflower (Green Fractal Flower)


$2-5 suggested donation per plant. Thanks for your support.

Venmo: @farmercobb

Cashapp: $farmercobb

20% of proceeds go to a different effort each week.  This week we donated plants to Lantrip Elementary and the Urban Harvest Grow Kit program.