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Garden Installers

Local Growers Checkout the local selection of plants and contract growing options from Blas in Southeast Houston.

Hu Sani Garden Installations


Hu Sani follows permaculture principles to work with the land and the clients needs. He installs garden and hardscapes. He also does full service from design to implementation.

Lettuce Live – Karena

The Lettuce Live – Urban Farm Project was created by master gardener and Urban Philanthropy by KP founder Karena Poke.  As a master gardener, Karena provides STEM-A based garden education to elementary and middle school students, garden therapy to patients working with a licensed therapist, and hands-on garden education workshops to both small and large groups.

As an eco-entreprenuer Karena builds on-site gardens for individuals and corporations, facilitates team building exercises and workshops.  

Karena is ready to help you design your personal or corporate garden, facilitate plant based cooking demonstrations, workshops and hands-on learning experiences. Give us a call today at 713-936-3072 or email Karena at

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Permaculture Design Consultants

Organic Gardening and Sustainable Solutions